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Rent to Buy

Discover now the perfect solution that will allow you to own your dream yacht thanks to this convenient and safe buying method

We’ll help you achieve your dream of becoming a ship owner, without the without the immediate financial commitment of a direct purchase

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The service “rent to buy” is a perfect option for those who wish to buy a luxurious boat, but are scared of the financial commitment.

Why choose the Rent to Buy formula with FC-Yacht? This solution will allow you to reduce the initial investment, while relieving you of all management expenses, still ensuring the availability of your future boat for a considerable period throughout the year. During the rental period, we will take care of your valuable boat, and Free Charter will handle the rental during the months when the boat is available, covering mooring, maintenance, and insurance costs.

In 13 years Free-Charter and FC-Yacht have developed a well oiled machine in the field of boat for rent: it started small and with a limited fleet of rental boats, now it has grown, becoming a reference in the field of rental boats, with a fleet of more than 25 boats and yachts between 8 and 24 meters. The constant aim is to satisfy all the customers. 



The Rent To Buy purchasing formula is an exclusive service we offer to our clients; sea, wind, and sailing enthusiasts. It’s the perfect solution for those who are looking for a way to own a luxurious yacht without the immediate financial commitment of a direct purchase. 

Here’s how it works: a down payment of 20-30% of the purchase price is required along with a monthly fee. In return, you’ll have the right to use the selected vessel for 12 weeks a year. After seven years the customer can become the sole shipowner of the boat that was the subject of this Rent to Buy formula. 

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