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Used boats


Buy a used boat, guaranteed by us from FC-Yacht; we sell motorboats and dinghies. Day cruiser, open yacht and much more… find the right offer for you.

Buy a used boat, guaranteed by FC-Yacht, motorboats and dinghies, day cruiser, open yacht and much more… Discover the perfect occasion for you.



Discover here all the boats ready to be delivered.

FC-Yacht sells boats


Our job is to mediate for our customers (both buyers and sellers) who buy and sell, to safeguard the interest of both parties during the negotiation.
Boats are precious goods and it’s best to team up with a broker, a person who can guide and help you get the best deal possible. We offer safe deals and an arrangement of carefully selected used boats. We pick out carefully every boat and we offer our clients the best deals on the market.

Our job doesn’t stop here. Thanks to our structure and our experience we can offer a complete assistance, from the beginning, up till the boring documents and signatures and the ownership transfer, to the very end and berthing.

You’ll just have to enjoy the sea.


Safe deals on used boats with FC-Yacht


Our used boats are boats from our fleet that our customers entrust us with for the Charter. Every boat in our charter fleet are carefully controlled every year, selected and checked. The boats that “chartered” often loose value on the market, that doensn’t happen with out safe used boats. We are in fact interested in safeguarding our fleet and improve it through constant refitting, to increase the value of our boats. Moreover, if the lease is without skipper, you’ll have to take a mooring and docking test, to prove their abilities at the helm and avoid giving out the boat to people who can’t master it.